Lawrence Taylor Says He Can’t Pay $456 Child Support for Sick Daughter

Sometimes Child Support stands for:

“Yeah I am saying it is child support, but in reality only a small percentage of that is going to my child, the majority is going to my nails, purses, personal trainers, red bottoms and new boyfriend.”

The amounts that are awarded for child support are at times unreasonable, but I think most working adults could handle around $500 a month even if they don’t want to pay.

Lawrence Taylor though says that he can’t.  Here are the details:

Lawrence Taylor’s arrest for having had sex with an underage hooker hit him in the wallet — so he can’t afford $456 a week in child support for his ailing 13-year-old daughter, the ex-Giant great claims in papers filed in family court last week in New Jersey.

“My income is generated solely by my popularity as a celebrity,” he says in the Bergen County filing. “The fact that I last played in 1993 and legal problems in Rockland County . . . have severely diminished my ability to obtain income.

“I have no college degree or special skills other than athletics,” he notes.

His daughter has been diagnosis with Crohn’s disease, so her mother Ebony Washington asked for an increase in child support, but Taylor amazingly trying to get the payment decreased.

I don’t have sympathy for Taylor’s plight, he was more than willing to spend $300 for twenty minutes with an underage hooker, but he can’t come up with $500 for his daughter?

Taylor’s money issues are his problem.

Get a  job at Burger King, but take care of your child.

Lawrence Taylor was a great NFL player, but he is an awful human being.

6 thoughts on “Lawrence Taylor Says He Can’t Pay $456 Child Support for Sick Daughter

  • I agree with that although I have to question these women dumb enough to choose these losers as fathers. I mean really is it that hard to be selective?

    Kids deserve better.

  • Are you kidding me? So celebrity is a profession now. This moron made tens of millions of dollars, blew it all on drugs and hookers,now can't take care of his sick kid and he's complaining. Go get a job, if this dude was something close to a real man,he would do anything to take care of his kid, damn piece of shit.

  • I believe LT when he says he's broke. Back when he was making millions she deserved to get the big support check, now he's broke and she has to deal. I agree 500/month wouldn't be unreasonable but the story says 456 per WEEK thats almost 2000 a month! If your broke that is unreasonable.

    • And that attitude, my brother Tony, is why we are so maligned. The first two commenters and the author got it right – bad men don't want to take care of their obligations and he's a bad man. Get a job – humble yourself.

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