Marvin Lewis on OchoCinco: “What Has He Ever Done That He’s Completed?”

I find it interesting that Marvin Lewis only has positive things to say about Carson Palmer, who has basically said he would rather Fade to Turkey than ever play for Lewis again, but he continually takes shots at Chad OchoCinco.

There isn’t any reason why he should be taking shots— Chad in general has said nothing bad about Lewis or the organization for months.

Ocho, while the lockout is going on, is doing what he can to keep himself in the spotlight including a soccer tryout for an MLS team in Kansas City. Check out what Lewis had to say about that:

Here’s Lewis on Ocho’s dalliance with Major League Soccer: “What has he ever done that he’s completed? What circle has he connected in any way?” Lewis asked.

Sort of like his quarterback not connecting the circle of fulfilling his contract?

If the Bengals and Lewis feel Ocho is this unreliable and a distraction then why is he still on the team?  Why hasn’t he been traded or cut?  Other players on the Bengals are seeing this and wondering when Lewis will turn on them while still kissing Palmer’s ass.

It is in bad taste and only a coach destined for failure would say these sort of things to the media.  Lewis is just showing his true colors and he is as immature, if not more than Chad.

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  • Chad stayed in Cincinnati, Marvin! Seems like he finished something to me. He didn't quit on the Bengals, the Bengals quit on him. Go for it, Chad. I happen to love soccer:)

  • @Gail — I live in Cincinnati and bleed orange and black; get your facts straight. Chad has tried to leave numerous times, but the organization has kept him around. Every year Chad campaigns to get out of dodge (and for what it's worth I do not blame him).

    My point is, Chad stays in Cincinnati against his will, and if the Bengals had quit on him they would have traded him by now.

    • @FinalShot,

      I was a lifelong Bengals fan, but not anymore! I can't even imagine what it would be like playing for an organization like the Bengals.

      What an embarrassemnt to the NFL! I believe if they wanted Chad gone, he'd be gone. It's my opinion that they gave up on him. Chad would probably flourish on another team…Maybe they should trade him, since they're all about the money, anyway!

      • im like finalshot i bleed black and orange but if u diss a team just bc of a bad season that means ur just a bad fan ur supposed to stay wit ur team through thick and thin

        • @Wtuthill,

          I was a lifelong Bengals fan..I loved the Bengals just like you, but I just can't do it anymore. It's not because of one bad season, it's from years of mediocrity. It just hit me one day, and I just I decided I'm done!

  • yo man do ur thing i love u n my man t.o. kick more ass if u can!!

    • tru dat bro!!!!


    Ochocinco has been the sole. reason this team even gets an ounce of publicity. Personally, as a Pittsburgh fan, if it wasn't for Ochocinco this team would be on the same page as the Browns. Matter of fact, Peyton Hillis puts the Browns above the Bengals now anyway reading this article.

  • First off this post is nothing more then a bunch of Bull. 1) Granted Palmer wants to leave. BUT Palmer isn't going on radio show after radio show trying to get out like Chad did for a solid two off seasons. Plamer has shut his mouth, not made a issue out of it thru the press like Chad did. 2) I don't remember Palmer throwing a punch on a coach in a playoff game for not "getting the ball enough" even though at the time they were in a game and it was halftime. 3) Palmer doesn't make a joke of himself with ONLY self promoting, show boating, and not living up to what one says. etc like changing his name to a stupid attention grabbing name, calling out cornerbacks and then not backing up his talk or promises, and calling out his coaches, owners, and other teammates. 4)Self glossing and asking for the comments for years against Lewis and finally he is getting paid back and now it's Lewis who was and is being immature? There is a very big difference between "Johnson" (sorry that is his name not the retarded self gloss for attention) and Palmer one wanted out for years and now says he loves the city but talked bad, atacked the front office, and team. Palmer has said NOTHING publicily like Johnson did for two years. Get over it there is a HUGE difference.

    • your whole argument is invalid because Palmer sent out a press release to all media outlets including myself saying he wanted to leave.

      • Correction, his Agent sent out a PR. For someone who talks a lot about the industry you don't seem to know much about how it works.

        Ochocinco has been a plague on the Bengals since 2007. They should have let him go to the Redskins for two first round picks.

        He freelances his routes, doesn't show up to OTAs, and is more worried about his next TV appearance than his next game.

        Lewis is right. Ocho is all talk and no walk. He couldn't back up his talk on the field. He won't fight Zibikowski in the ring. His shows were all laughed off the air. And this Sporting KC thing is nothing more than a publicity stunt and a waste of the time the club has to use evaluating him.

        • Apparently agents work for themselves. Do you honestly believe his agent sent that out against his will? The point is, the organization would rather lose out to prove a point than concede and improve the team. The Redskins offered a ton for Chad and Mike Brown turned it down to prove a point.

          As for Marvin Lewis, how can anyone in the NFL respect him as a head coach now. Sure, he was under contract before, but no one held a gun to his head to resign. He appears desperate and has no self-confidence. Bill Belichck can talk smack about his players, but, he doesn't. What did the Patriots say about Randy Moss after he left.

          I for one love it all since I'm a Raven's fan. Keep up the dysfunction Bungles!

          • No dysfunction. It's clear Ocho won't be back in Cincy for 2011. As a Ravens fan, wouldn't you just love to see Chad try to box Zibi? But as usual he's all talk.

            Mike Brown is indeed an incompetent owner. And yes this reflects itself all the way down to the players. But if Marvin, who bless his soul, has had to deal with Chad for all these years wants to unload a little, so be it.

            Mike Brown loves Chad. Marvin does not. Mike has kept Chad in Cincy despite his wishes for many years now. Marvin would have let him go.

            Chad is a talker, not a walker, and that's the damn point. Chad calls Marvin a father figure, and I'd hope my dad would call me out when I was acting a fool.

            And as far as the Carson comment, the original commenter only noted that Carson has not come out publicly himself. Only through his agent. Of course his agent isn't working without his consent but Carson is trashing the city or anything.

      • Rob correct Rob But that doesn't make it invalid at all! My point is Palmer is NOT being a jack ass going on radio shows and trying to gain attention for it. As Johnson has done twice! You can't compare the two at all! One is handling it on a adult level and the other like a immature child. I like how you say "Chad in general has said nothing bad about Lewis or the organization for months." So that makes it ok? He bad mouthed them, showed zero respect for his team in the playoffs, and continues to go against the league's rules. Also he is still on the team maybe because the league is in "locked out" mode. No team can do anything. Comparing the two players is night and day I'm not a Plamer fan at all! Hell I have a Johnson jersey HA! But one has done everything to disrupt a team for the past 5 years and been self absorbed and all about "Me" while the other has done that for what? a month? Let me know when Palmer changes his name for no reason but for he self permoting and attention, does dances in the end zone, twet's on the sidelines, challenges the coach to a fight, and fights during half time.

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