Video: Chilli Still Looking for Love With Floyd Mayweather

I hope that the majority of what we see on What Chilli Wants is just to make good television— because if she really does think like this, now we know why it didn’t work out with Usher and why she is currently single.

She seems to be hung up on Floyd Mayweather. He, however, has made it pretty clear that while he doesn’t mind playing “Bed Gammon” with her, he has no intentions of being nothing more than friends with benefits.

Also the fact he has a fiancee’ has thrown a wrench in her plans to lasso him.

According to this video from, she discloses her ridiculous list of what she wants in a man is still in effect. My advice to women is whatever is on Chilli’s list, look for the opposite.

2 thoughts on “Video: Chilli Still Looking for Love With Floyd Mayweather

  • If Chilli is all that then how come I want to smash the chick that's giving the interview…she looks way better than Chilli if you ask me….just sayin

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