Video: Chris Bosh Crying After Miami Heat Blow Big Lead Against Magic

When the tweets started to coming @BlkSportsOnline, at first I didn’t I didn’t believe it.  Yes, the Heat had blown a 24 point 2nd half lead to the Magic,  Lebron had missed another wide open three that could have tied the game and in general the Heat have shown an inability to close and beat good teams, but it is just the regular season.

Chris Bosh wasn’t actually crying at the podium during the post game press conference?

(pic credit to @Jose3030)

That couldn’t be happening right?

Lebron said the Heat were soldiers and ready for war, did they surrender after one game?

I am not one of those guys that think men shouldn’t cry, but you can’t be Dick Vermeiling after a regular season game when you have the second best record in the East.

You can not be looking like you lost a love one after the game.

The Miami Heat are under a lot of pressure, but if they are cracking under a rather meaningless regular season game, what is going to happened during the playoffs.

The Heat need Avatar Bosh to take the skirt off or leather vest he has on, stop acting like that guy in the high heels on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (might be tougher than Bosh) and man up.

Stop acting like someone just took your blush and do better.

The Heat can not win a title with Bosh going through these emotional up and downs like Jennifer Hudson’s weight.

Get it together Young Man, you wanted to be part of The Big 3, act like it. Charlie Sheen called and said you are “not winning”, snap out of it.

And don’t think I didn’t notice about the subliminally dig at Lebron when Bosh said some people shouldn’t talk so much and just do it on the court.

One of the main reasons people thought the South Beach NWO would fail is because of the Alpha Egos of Lebron and Wade, but when you mix in the fragile ego of Bosh, that could be a recipe for disaster.

No need to panic, but someone needs to Ike Turner, Bosh to get him to refocus.


11 thoughts on “Video: Chris Bosh Crying After Miami Heat Blow Big Lead Against Magic

  • Thank god we got rid of that b*tch, soft as room temperature butter. Maybe a good thing that LBJ bounced the ball of his head maybe this will wake him and play the game like a man.

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