Video: Rosa Acosta Stretching..It Does The Body Good

Stretching is essential to athletics.

When I was leading my Ohio State flag football team to the championship, I pulled my hamstring because I didn’t stretch.  I didn’t Jay Cutler the situation and still was able to catch the winning Touchdown.

Also stretching is very important for Lamp Breaking purposes, especially when you are getting old, you don’t want to tear an ACL at the Marriott.

I am sure Rosa Acosta would agree as she provides this instructional video on stretching.

Of course I am stretching out this article because mainly I had to make it somewhat sports related, you probably haven’t read anything I have written, too busy watching the video.

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  • Dude, you are the man! Good luck and keep it going.

  • not for nothing, but it'd be nice to tap that ass…..shit.

  • well damn…..she's nice

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