Chargers Eric Weddle Sues Alka-Seltzer


One way to get money in a lockout is to sue a whole lot of people and hope someone settles out of court.  Better hope they settle because the legal fees can get a bit costly.

San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle is salty because Alka-Seltzer is using his college picture on some boxes, so he is going to try to squeeze some money out of them.

ProFootballTalk has the details.

Agent David Canter forwarded to PFT last night a press release explaining that, on Tuesday, Weddle filed a “multi-million dollar lawsuit” against Bayer AG, Bayer USA, and Athlon sports for various claims arising from the use of Weddle’s image on boxes of Alka-Seltzer.

I am not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Laquinta last night for 27 minutes.  When I put on my legal hat I believe if it is the college image it is the University that holds all the rights and Weddle doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

I could be wrong, can someone call up F. Lee Bailey (is he still alive?) or someone to give me a clear ruling.


  1. As far as I know, commercial entities CAN’T use player’s images for commercial gain, i.e. they can’t use the player’s image to market or sell their product. BUT I think the NCAA was planning to vote on some new rules that would change that. (The higher ups were supposed to vote on it back in Jan)

    Hopefully they’ll nix that idea. In my humble opinion, the use of a player’s image by a company that sponsors a school that would amount to NO monetary gain for the athlete, but boost revenue for the school and sponsoring company is CLEARLY exploitation.

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