Kirk Herbstreit Doesn’t Want The Terrelle Pryors Or Maurice Claretts At Ohio State Anymore

Kirk Herbstreit has always been outspoken when it comes to his alma mater at Ohio State and on Monday he reportedly spoke up again. Except you can’t help but raise an eyebrow at his latest opinion.

According to ESPN’s Joe Schad, Herbstreit has his own ideas about how to clean up the Buckeyes troubled program.

Um…okay. So I guess Herbstreit’s okay with Ohio State being an also-ran nationally. Clarett, Pryor and others have run afoul of both the law and the NCAA during their time in Columbus, but I can’t think of any coach in America that would have passed up those players because there are character questions. That’s the utopia that most of us would like to live in, but we all know the reality – and Herbstreit should be king of the realists as someone who covers college football closely.

Considering the ever deepening hole Ohio State’s head football coach  is finding himself in, maybe OSU should stop hiring coaches like Jim Tressel. Better yet, they should start by firing the guy they have now.

Buckeye fans generally have been rightly disgusted by the news coming out of their football program, but it’s hard to imagine the fanbase is going to get behind this theory. As for Herbstreit, this could be some of the freedom he feels since his move from Columbus to Nashville. If he thought the fans were hard on him before, this probably would have just made things worse.

2 thoughts on “Kirk Herbstreit Doesn’t Want The Terrelle Pryors Or Maurice Claretts At Ohio State Anymore

  • I’m compelled to agree with you that OSU should fire Tressel, but I doubt it will happen. I do, however, disagree with your belief that it is too idealistic or naive to assume that recruiters could simply not recruit players that have character issues. I also disagree with the belief that doing so would leave OSU with no legitimate chance to contend for national titles. In basketball, Duke is criticized for only recruiting a certain type of player. I’m certain in their eyes they are simply upholding high standards for who they will recruit, and one of those standards is character. There success proves this is a viable recruiting strategy. In the NFL, the Steelers are careful not to draft players that have questionable character, and they must select from a significantly smaller population of players than college recruiters. The Steelers are also willing to trade away those who turn out to have questionable character, regardless of past success. Again, their success shows that it is possible.

  • The Steelers….really? Duke maybe. Try again.

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