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DeAngelo Hall Calls Jay Cutler a Clown & Talks About Jason Kidd’s Son Head

The fact that DeAngelo Hall was voted to the Pro Bowl was a bigger upset than Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson.  I like to call DeAngelo the Flea Market version of Deion Sanders.

He always has a lot to say, he spoke with 106.7 The Fan in Washington about various topics.

The two things that stand out are his thoughts on Jay Cutler and Jason Kidd’s son.

“Jay is definitely a clown. I played against the kid one other time, and it was when I first went to Oakland, first game of the season we played on a Monday night. And Shanahan was actually coaching. He’s played against Al Davis so long, he knows what we’re going to be in — man under, it ain’t no help, just go out and play football no matter what they come out in. You can tell Shanahan was scheming us up — max protection, double/triple move. And Eddie Royal had caught a couple balls against me that game.  And I tell you what, I don’t know if Jay was like ‘I’m going to keep going at him, I don’t care what’s going on.’ And the first half, I didn’t have an interception, a pass breakup or nothing, and then to come out in the second half against those guys and get four interceptions. Man, I’ve never had more than two in a game, so to go out and get four in a half, I was like ‘man, this is unreal!’  I’m on the sideline like ‘wow, this is pretty amazing!’”

On how many people recognized him at Atlantis:

“You know what? You can kind of go under the radar. I actually had a cabana beside Jason Kidd’s ex-wife, and his kids actually recognized me and they kind of spread the word a little bit. But it wasn’t until Mike Sellers got down there, I guess he’s huge, and you know Mike — he loves to tell everybody he plays football. So it was kind of like ‘hey, are you DeAngelo Hall? Hey, hey, hey, seen Big Mike. I’ve seen Big Mike the other day. And I didn’t even know he was down there, because we didn’t plan it or anything. I was just sitting in the lobby one day and I saw him walk in. And he was running around telling everybody he played football, and that’s kind of how the secret got out. But I don’t look like nobody. I got a little bit of tattoos, but…”

Hall was then asked an admittedly inappropriate question — if Jason Kidd’s son still has a huge head:

“That’s how we knew who it was. And I’m like, I’m telling my cousin that couldn’t be him because the kid was 5’10″ and….I’m like that kid couldn’t have grown into that, because I remember her holding him at the game. But he’s 12 years old and he’s 5’10″– the dude is taller than me — but the head is still there.”

Hall is one of those guys who only remembers the good things and has a million and one excuses for the bad things. He is a good player who thinks he is a great player.

Plenty of those type of guys in the NFL and many on the Redskins which is the reason why they seem to fail every single year since Dan Synder became the owner.

Pretty funny though about Jason Kidd’s son, because he is rocking a Great Gazoo head.