Mike D’Antoni on Rondo: “I’d Like To See Him on Minnesota & See What He Does”

I think Rondo would do well in Minnesota because Kevin Love is there.  Would they be in contention for Championships? Probably not, would they be better with him absolutely.

People always like to be critical of good players when they are fortunate enough to be on great teams.  The facts are that ALL GREAT players normally have extremely talented players around them in any sport.

Jerry Rice is the best example of this.  Rice was going to be great regardless, but he becomes a legend because of Montana and Young.  If he was drafted by the Seahawks, do you think he would have put up same numbers?

You look at someone like Calvin Johnson stuck with the Lions, imagine him playing with Drew Brees?

In basketball go look at the Championship teams of the Bulls, Lakers, Celtics, Rockets, Pistons and throughout NBA History, they are STACKED.  Jordan wasn’t going to win anything with Stacey King as his wingman.

Rondo has some issues, he can’t shoot and he is a bad free throw shooter, but the facts are if you look at his overall performance especially in the playoffs he is a very good player.

Is he a great player or a the Top point guard in the league, that is a strecth, but to discredit his skills because he is on a loaded team is unfair.

The Celtics don’t make it to the Finals without Rondo, just like they can’t do it without KG, Pierce and Jesus.  All of them are needed for various reasons and that is why the Celtics “team” structure is special.

Rondo fits into what they are doing, if he ever plays somewhere else could he carry a team to a title, probably not, will he turn into Smush Parker not at all.

One last thing if D’Antoni thinks Rondo is garbage then why can’t the Knicks stop him?

Ponder that.

4 thoughts on “Mike D’Antoni on Rondo: “I’d Like To See Him on Minnesota & See What He Does”

  • When did D’Antoni say this?

  • I agree with all the teams you named except for that 1st rockets team. It was not stacked. Their 2nd best player was vernon maxwell, that’s not someone you wanna rely on for a long period of time. That the 1st team I think that had one great player and a bunch of average to below average players.

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