Video: UCONN Alex Oriakhi “Harlem Shakes” Before Final Four Game

I am getting old.

I have come to that conclusion, cause I have no idea what kids do today. Especially in regards to their dancing. Case in point before the National Semifinal Game, UCONN’s Center Alex Oriakhi decided to get his team hyped up.

It wasn’t an inspirational speech or chest bumping.

It was this.

I am being kind calling it a “Harlem Shake”, it was more like a “Seizure Shake”, all that was missing was some skinny jeans and Wiz Khalifa single.

It is funny, kids having fun, but I will stick with my two step and Fedora.

Wonder what dance Matt Howard does to get Butler hyped?

Whatever the case the Basketball Gods did not punish the Huskies, as they move on to the National Championship game after beating Kentucky.

2 thoughts on “Video: UCONN Alex Oriakhi “Harlem Shakes” Before Final Four Game

  • We can look back in history and come to the conclusion that the small amount of national attention the Harlem shake got in the early 2000's was the beginning of the "softness" in our culture you have today. It went from harlem shaking to wearing your little sisters jeans to the dougie

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