Brett Favre to Tutor Cam Newton?

If you put aside the sideshow that became Brett Favre’s career towards the end, he is a legendary quarterback. If he is in the right mind frame I am sure there are things he can help Cam Newton with.

The one thing both have in common is the ability to improvise on the fly. That is a necessary survival trait of an NFL quarterback.

A lot of people thought a Young Brett Favre couldn’t master the West Coast Offense, but he did. A lot of people wonder if Cameron can handle the complexities of a NFL Offense, so that is something Favre should be able to relate to.

Cam and Favre have the same agent and a few have suggested this will give something for Favre to do besides cutting his grass, so we will see.

As long as Cam doesn’t take his “Sexting” advice he should be fine.

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