Heat Fan Calls Out the “Haters” With Message on His White Van


From the beginning of time, people like to run with the popular crowd. That is why you see such big entourages around stars, everyone wants to be in the “in crowd” so to speak.

There are two types of fans.

Ride or Die and Bandwagon.

The Ride or Die, I feel their pain, because win, lose or draw they suffer or celebrate with their team. They are a true fan, meaning they have no perspective and are easily annoyed, but they are passionate so I can respect that.

Then you have the Bandwagon fan, the one who only acts like a fan when the team is winning. I suspect 80% of the current Heat fans are either Bandwagon fans or servants to King James. Which is fine, just own it, don’t try to hide like you were rolling with the 2009 Heat for life.

One final thing, if you are trying to deliver ether on a 1985 Van at least make sure your spelling is correct.

It is Sixers not Sixters.


  1. Actually hating Lebron and the Heat has become the Bandwagon move. Check the polls. I put people hate who hate Lebron and the Heat in the same group as the mental midgets who say all athletes are overpaid. Non achievers and unsuccessful.

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