Audio: Rashard Lewis Speaks On Rumors He Slept With Lebron’s Girlfriend

First off if anyone thought this was true, I have to question your common sense. Rashard Lewis killed the rumor and says that he doesn’t have a twitter account in a radio interview. As I have said before this was Stephen A. Smith pouring gasoline in a room full of Chain Smokers.

Tomorrow it will be a rumor that Lebron is being blackmailed by the mob or has a male lover in South Beach.

The facts are while he isn’t playing horrible, he isn’t playing up to the level of a two time MVP and consenus best basketball player on the planet.

Rumors will be the least of his concerns unless he pulls it together for these next two game for the Heat.

Plus he don’t want it to come out that it was really me with Savannah last night, she has a thing for online media.

22 thoughts on “Audio: Rashard Lewis Speaks On Rumors He Slept With Lebron’s Girlfriend

  • Did he really say the NBA is like a sorority???

  • I’m going to be honest. This is a site that thrives off BS rumors. You stood by that clown who wrote that unsubstantiated story about Pau Gasol’s girlfriend, but you’re quick to dismiss equally silly rumors by others.

    • Not at all, this rumor allegedly came from someone in a bar, the other story had legitimately sources that were checked, we stand by that story.

      • So now other sites are saying they have “reliable sources” about this story being true…and they said its not “the guy at the bar” Why does it always have to be something crazy when a player has a bad game and/or series. Really?!

  • What is he supposed to say… “yeah, I banged her”. Lol. I mean seriously, and I believe him when he says sorority. Some of those guys act like bitches… this coming from a woman.

  • In general why post or do stories about any of this “rumors”….it just gives the lie/rumor more life than needed.

    Oh and the Lakers mess…I will say mess indeed. Last I heard, from a reliable source, it was indeed Andrew Bynum, not anyone else who was fooling around. *shrugs*

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