Pics: Giovanni Fortes, Rashard Lewis’ Girlfriend Bachelorette Party

Add Rashard Lewis to the list of the greatest hustlers of all time along with Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Bishop Eddie Long and Tyrese.  Lewis has played 13 years in the league (I am shocked he has been in the league that long) and has made.

Wait for it…………………….

117 Million Dollars

Just like the other hustlers, I don’t blame him, if someone wanted to pay me 117 million to do my job at a very average level, I would take it too.  The interesting thing (or sad thing if you are the Wizards), is he is owed about 70 million dollars more.

He has been on and off with his girlfriend Giovanni Fortes for about 8 years and he has finally decided to make her a “real basketball wife”.

When you hang around that long waiting for a ring it is sort of like being a backup quarterback for a while and finally getting your chance, so Miss Fortes is a modern day Jeff Hostetler.

By the way Lewis hasn’t been very good since he got caught taking roids, so maybe Lance Armstrong can send him a shipment as a wedding gift.

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3 thoughts on “Pics: Giovanni Fortes, Rashard Lewis’ Girlfriend Bachelorette Party

  • Congrats guys , Gio & Rashard I wish you nothing but the best… Always remember to keep God first and your family tight and you will be fine.

    Lov: Meko ( ATL )

  • I wish them good luck, as well. I do wonder whether she would be with him if he didn’t have the money. The odds say…”No!” Every woman who gets with a baller always claims one of the following:

    1) I don’t know what it is, I just always seem to attract ballers.

    Hint: Maybe it’s the fact that you always seem to be at all of their parties strategically “positioning yourself”, or waiting in the hotel lobbies.

    2) He approached me, I didn’t even know who he was.

    Response: Bitz…quit lyin’!

    3) He kept coming in or calling me, and I just refused to go out with him, but his persistence paid off, and I discovered he’s a really “nice” (read: P-A-I-D!) guy.

    Response: Yeah…right…that’s it, HE chased YOU.

    4) I would be with him even if he weren’t a baller and had money. We’re soul mates.

    Response: You had plenty of better looking guys approach you for years, but they worked at UPS or Costco…and they got NO PLAY! When you were in college, all you dated were ballplayers. The regular students got NO PLAY! And you made it clear to all of your freinds that you only wanted guys with money. A broke guy withgood potential got NO PLAY! Therefore, you are a liar!

    5) I wasn’t with him for his money, but he was abusive, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

    Response: (ex: Evelyn Lozada) Right, you just happened to get all fed up with his…”abuse” at the same time he went broke. That was a coincidence. Yeah, we believe that one. Did I tell you I saw Tupac at the mall yesterday?

    6) I didn’t need him, I had my own thing going on.

    Response: Why is it that these groupies…er…ehem…I mean…”wwwomennn” stop doing whatever it was that they had “going on” and completely rife their man’s coattails? “Oh…I’m giving a party for the team. “Oh, I am organizing a function for the team wives.” “Did I tell you I’m the new Miss [Insert City and Team here]?”

    …Just sayin’…

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