Scottie Pippen on Michael Jordan’s GM Skills: “He Doesn’t Have a Clue”

Lets forgot for a second that what Scottie Pippen is saying is true. Jordan isn’t the best talent evaluator in the world, but what is Scottie’s deal lately?

It appears he is going out of his way to slander MJ, first he tried to give Lebron a Crown before he had a Kingdom and now this shot courtesy of the

Michael Jordan wound up with Congo forward Bismack Biyombo, a potential Ben Wallace clone, and UConn’s undersized point guard Kemba Walker in the first round, giving Scottie Pippen more ammo to unload on his old teammate. Pippen doesn’t think much of Jordan’s ability to evaluate talent and makes no secret about it. After this latest draft, Pippen told pals, “He doesn’t have a clue.”

Why so salty Pip?

I think Pippen is a vastly underrated player and I believe even without Jordan he would have been a great player, how great we will never know.

The facts are that it is unlikely he will be a six time NBA Champion without Jordan and his relevance in NBA History could be the same as say Dominique Wilkins without Jordan.

I understand no one likes to be Robin (except Lebron but that is a different story for a different day), but it was a role that fit Pippen perfectly.

Don’t be mad because Jordan is rocking stone washed jeans owning a NBA team and you are playing a secondary role on the Real Housewives.

It could be worse, you could be Antonie Walker.

10 thoughts on “Scottie Pippen on Michael Jordan’s GM Skills: “He Doesn’t Have a Clue”

  • The facts are it’s unlikely that Michael Jordan will be a six times NBA champion without Scottie Pippen. By the way who are these sources you’re quoting, i wonder?

    • free is that really you? your azz looked fat on the awards last night

  • Pippen Mentally is a PUZZY & A PUNK and Everybody here is Chicago KNOW THIS A FACT (Word…)

    And ONE of his Well-Earned Nicknames is NO TIPPING PIPPEN !!!

    This Little COWARD-AZZ Jerk use to Get Punked out of His JOCK on the regular… Alwayz hurt with the Itty Bitty Injuries and had the Mental Strength of a 2nd Grade GIRL and TRUST ME… HE Already KNOWS THIS (MF-ing Real…)

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