Tawanna Iverson on A.I.: “Cheating in The Marriage Was Never an Issue”


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I assume this is her reply to the stripper who claimed Allen Iverson had her “sprung”.

( Stripper Claims Allen Iverson Had Her “Sprung” )

My first reaction when I read the quote was this.

But then I figured out what she really meant. Here is what Tawanna had to say.

TMZ spoke with Tawanna Iverson … who tells us despite widespread rumors, “Cheating in the marriage has never been an issue. My decision to divorce has nothing to do with another woman.”

Tawanna — who described her 10-year marriage in divorce papers as “irretreivably broken” — explains, “Sometimes people just grow apart and it’s just that simple.”

She adds, “Many people want this to be more complicated than that and it’s not.”

What she is really saying is that A.I. has been cheating for a long time and if she wanted to leave because of that she would have been gone.

So the cheating was not the breaking point.

She just got tired of him and since he isn’t bringing in those NBA checks anymore, what is the point of staying married. I understand what she is saying clearly.

She wants half of everything, child support, alimony and full custody of all the kids.

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