Video: Chris Bosh Flop Fail..Game 3 NBA Finals

Chris Bosh wants so badly to be a part of the Big 3 he is even trying to flop like Lebron James.  His success rate though is at a negative 63.

Bosh would have been a great boxer in the 60’s when the Mafia ran the sport because he would have been great at taking a dive.  Sonny Liston is watching from heaven giving Bosh a slow clap.

You can see how much his teammates care about him, since none of them checked on him.  Only ESPN believed there was anything wrong with him, so they have something for their Heat index.  He was poked in the eye, but it wasn’t as bad as he made it out to be.

No Oscar for Bosh, but it I am sure Tyler Perry will be calling soon.

5 thoughts on “Video: Chris Bosh Flop Fail..Game 3 NBA Finals

  • NBAtv showed he got poked in the eye…

  • I think you owe him an apology, he was poked in his freakin’ eye dude!!!!

  • You are so right. That’s why his eye was damn near swollen shut for the rest of the game. Hatin ass muthfucka!!!!

  • Dude, did you see his eye?! He couldn’t even look up during the post game interview. Wow! Are you mad?

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