Video: Dwyane Wade Has a Message For Twitter Hackers…”Imma Thug”

When you have “Ring Protection”, when you lose a championship, no biggie you still got your ring.  That is why Peyton Manning will be forever protected.

There is a reason Bosh broke down, Lebron went to the “I’M RICH B*TCH” card and Wade………………..

Well D Wade seems to be perfectly fine.  Plus he has Gabby Union, so it appears he gave the loss to the Mavericks the “JaMarcus Shrug” and kept it moving.

Pretty funny video of him in the hotel room at 2am addressing various issues including a Kevin Hart impression on internet hackers.

“Don’t let these T-Mobile commercials fool you.”

I think we have all been in that 2am hyper stage in a hotel from time to time, I know I have.  Some of the best pure comedy normally comes late late night.

6 thoughts on “Video: Dwyane Wade Has a Message For Twitter Hackers…”Imma Thug”

  • You’re wrong about Manning he’s still criticized I guess you forgot all the criticism he received over the SB loss.

    And Wade/Gabby broke up

    • Lol…don’t believe everything on mediatakeout they aren’t broke up .. Manning has been protected his entire career, he didn’t as much blame as he should have

  • DWade was funny. Imma chalk his man with the braids in the background exuberant laugh to the room, and not him just riding Wade’s d*ck really hard.

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