Andrew Bynum’s Taking Up Boxing

The last time we saw Lakers center Andrew Bynum, he was attempting to land a knockout blow on Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea. Next season, Barea may want to watch out, because Bynum may be packing even more of a punch.

While most of us were overindulging over the holiday weekend, Bynum was busy staying ready for the season…whenever that will be. He tweeted a photo of himself working with legendary trainer Freddie Roach on Sunday, saying he was “working on his new career”. Then on Monday, Bynum posted a pair of tweets detailing his training regimen.

i hope yall had a great 4th! I just got done with 2 hours of ring work! I’m tried as hell!! I got a two a day tomorrow first road work in the morning, then back in the ring in the afternoon! I’m going hard yall!

Good for you, Andrew! Can someone hand me another beer?

After a slew of players returned from the previous lockout quite out of shape, the Lakers have to be encouraged that Bynum’s working to stay in shape. However, they can only hope that he’s kidding about the “new career” part. When you have an injury prone player, the last thing you want him to do is put himself in a position where he’s literally under attack from someone else. Kevin Garnett’s elbows may be rough, but they’re nothing like repeated punches in the face.

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