Braylon Edwards Pleads Guilty in DWI Case

Smart move by Edwards to try to get this resolved before the NFL Lockout is over. He is trying to avoid any possible punishment even though it is unclear how it will be handle because the arrest came during the season but the conclusion of the case during the lockout.

Best news for Edwards is no jail time.

I feel good. I feel like it came to a fair conclusion,” Edwards said as a he left a Manhattan court after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge. His case will be closed without jail time or probation if he meets conditions that include paying a $500 fine and staying in an NFL substance abuse counseling program he’s been in since October.

“We’re happy that it’s past us, and now it’s really time to focus on football again,” he said.

His drivers’ license will be suspended for six months, and he’ll have to install a device that prevents a car from starting until the driver blows into a breath alcohol detector. He’s due to check in with the court in October.

Edwards desperately wants to stay with the Jets because he is an attention whore and loves the NYC spotlight.  He played well the second half of the year, but the Jets prefer Santonio Holmes and a cheaper alternative to Edwards.
There is an outside chance he is resigned but more likely he will be with another team when the season starts.

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