Colin Cowherd Says Roger Goodell is a Dad to Fatherless Black NFL Players

Just because a white person or in this case a white radio host takes on a racial topic doesn’t necessarily mean that person is racist or the point they are trying to make is invalid.

I like to listen to the point that are trying to make and then make an assessment on if it is logical or not.

Colin Cowherd as you will see in the video below makes the assumption that Roger Goodell is the first dominant male figure that fatherless black NFL players have and they secretly crave that discipline.

He uses some stats that aren’t exactly accurate. He says that 71% of African-American males grow up without a father when the number is actually 56% and that only takes into effect the fathers that don’t live in the home. It doesn’t take into account if the father is in his son’s life.

Cowherd assessment is more ignorant than anything racial. Just because a black man doesn’t have his father around in Cowherd’s eyes he must be a gangster thug criminal that is dying from discipline from an authority figure. In this case a white male authority figure.

That is a stereotype and misconception that a white person would have from watching too many Boyz in the Hood style movies and Gucci Mane videos.

White, black, yellow or avatar it is beneficial to have both parents in the home, but with the divorce rate in our country over 60% the reality is that two parent homes are more of the minority than majority.

Black athletes the same as white athletes they make personal choices as adults on how they are going to live their life.

For every Pacman Jones there is a Warrick Dunn, so it makes no sense to generalize.

The majority of NFL players are grown men and trust me they do not want or need Roger Goodell to be their daddy

If Cowherd really believes that then he just is dumb and speaking on African American male behavior is a bit outside of his expertise.

I don’t think he should be suspended or anything like that, he was giving an opinion and we don’t “Mendenhall” people around these parts.

The opinion is just flawed and stereotypical thinking which is what I would expect from a 40+ year old white man who thinks he knows everything about everybody.





But that is what Cowherd gets paid to do. His job is to ruffle feathers, but to anyone with any intelligence you know it is all show and no substance.

13 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd Says Roger Goodell is a Dad to Fatherless Black NFL Players

  • thats why i dont watch or listen to any of his programs. and if i stumble across it i quickly change the channel. u should do the same. this guy must think every black male needs a ‘Blindside’ type upbringing to become responsible

  • Is he also a father to the fatherless white players?

    • Good point…

  • Cowherd’s biggest problem is that he isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is, so crap like this comes out of his mouth.

  • You stop getting the benefit of the doubt when you have a history of saying things like this. Cowherd is a serial offender when it comes to things of this nature & turned in his “benefit” card a few years back

  • since you pointed out his inproper citation of stats i guess i’ll do the same.
    while nearly 60% divorce rate may be accurate it is possible that different races fall above and below 50%. you did just as cowherd did and generealized using 60%. what if whites divorced at a 80% rate and blacks at a 40% rate? the average may be 60% but a majority of black househouseholds would still be 2 parents househoulds.

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