David Haye Talked Loud But Carried Small Stick in Loss to Wladimir Klitschko

Behind the NFL, Boxing is my favorite sport.

I truly do appreciate the “Sweet Science” aspect of it.  I don’t expect every fight to be an all out brawl, but you have to throw hands.

Floyd Mayweather is considered a “defensive fighter” in his last fight against Shane Mosley he threw 477 punches over 12 rounds and connected with 208, which 123 were power punches.

David Haye who over the last two years has delivered a viscous verbal attack on both Klitschko brothers, promised a knockout and restoration of glory to the Heavyweight division put up one of the worst performances in a heavily hyped fight of all time.

Haye only threw 290 punches over 12 rounds and only connected with 72, which 36 power punches.

Haye made Shane Mosley performance against Manny Pacquiao seem like Thomas Hearns against Marvin Hagler by comparison.

I don’t blame Wladimir Klitschko for his jab, jab, jab and right hand style.  Similar to Tim Duncan it isn’t fancy or eye pleasing but it gets the job done.

Wladimir has a job and he executes it well.

It was on Haye to take his soul and he didn’t come close.  It appear he just wanted to survive and hope to get lucky with one big right hand.  His strategy was awful and his flopping would have made Vlade Divac proud.

After the fight Haye complained about a broken toe, it almost appear he had this excuse ready made since he quickly he took off his shoe after the fight to make sure you could see.

Ironically Haye moved perfectly fine in the ring and real men don’t make excuses, if you in the ring you are fit to fight.  Take your L like a man and not whine like a little girl.

David Haye fooled a lot of people, but he never fooled me, I consistently said he had little to no shot unless he got in a lucky punch which happens a lot in boxing.

Haye is brilliant business man, he talked his way with very light credentials into a 20 million payday and put in a $2 performance.

Boxing isn’t dead, but this is why the fans feel like they are getting cheated on every time we expect a super fight to take place.  If boxing isn’t careful some fans are going to file for divorce, because UFC keeps trying to seduce them.