Saints Linebacker Jonathan Vilma Gives Back to University of Miami

University of Miami Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst today announced a donation to the athletic department from former student-athlete and current New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.  In honor of this generous gift, the new football lounge at the Theodore G. Schwartz and Todd G. Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence will be named the Jonathan Vilma Football Players’ Lounge.

Vilma appears at the 3:00 mark

“On behalf of the University of Miami, I’d like to thank Jonathan for his support and generosity,” Eichorst said. “He left his mark on the field as one of the very best to wear a Hurricane uniform and his commitment to this project will only elevate his legend and legacy.”

The $450,000 gift was announced by Eichorst in the Edgerrin James Team Meeting Room alongside Vilma.

This is a great deed performed by Jonathan Vilma giving back.  The pride and tradition of former players giving back to the University of Miami continues and something that new UM head coach Al Golden can use to promote the program as he starts  his era at the “U”.  It is refreshing to see an athlete financially do something positive with their money instead of hearing about how NFL players make bad investments and hearing stories of players giving check to check.  Jonathan Vilma should be applauded, we need more players like him.

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