Terrelle Pryor Banned For 5 Years From Ohio State

When you break the rules and try to escape the punishment you won’t get away with it.

Terrelle Pryor is definitely learning that lesson right now.

Pryor’s lawyer wanted Ohio State to make it clear to the NFL that Pryor could not return to the Buckeyes. Ohio State did that and more.

Yahoo! Sports reported that Ohio State  banned him from any contact with the school’s athletic program for the next five years.

In a letter from Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith dated Tuesday, Smith said that Pryor was ineligible because he failed to cooperate with NCAA and Ohio State investigators. He then added, “The university must also dissociate you from its athletic program for a period of five years.”

That means that Pryor can have no contact with recruits or enrolled Buckeyes, cannot accept complimentary tickets to home games and cannot use the team’s athletic facilities.

Pryor can still enroll in classes at Ohio State to complete his degree, but I doubt Terrelle would want to step foot back on campus after the mess he left behind.

I won’t get into the argument that Terrelle sold his stuff because he needed money and the NCAA needs to pay student athletes. It’s not about that.

This is about Terrelle knowingly breaking the rules and trying to run away from his punishment. He should have known that Ohio State wasn’t going to just let him leave and go off to the NFL without repercussion.

Because of his part in the scandal the school had to vacate all of football team’s 2010 wins. So you know Ohio State is salty about Terrelle trying to move on with punishment.

I hope Terrelle learned from his mistakes and humbles himself and I wish him much success in his career.

NFL teams will evaluate his character so he better call up Tony Dungy so he can put in a good word for him.

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