John Thompson Uncomfortable with Redskins Trent Williams “Silverback” Gorilla Nickname

John Thompson is old school.

He is 69 and Redskins lineman Trent Williams is 23.  It is totally understandable how they would see this topic differently.  It led to this exchange on Thompson’s radio show.

When Williams was a guest on Thompson’s show, Thompson told Williams that he was concerned about racial overtones with the term.

“How about that Silverback stuff?” Thompson said. “Come on with that. Trent, do you know how many white folks we had to curse at and fuss at that called us monkeys?”

Williams responded, “I understand. But I just feel like this day and age, we’re trying to move past that.”

You would hope that young people would understand a little bit more about history to get why being called “Silverback” would cause people to be uncomfortable.

It is probably unfair to Williams to put that type of responsibility on him, but maybe it has open his eyes a little bit.

Beyond the racial undertones, 150k gorilla chain is probably more of an eye opener.   It is a recession.

3 thoughts on “John Thompson Uncomfortable with Redskins Trent Williams “Silverback” Gorilla Nickname

  • SMDH… What Black MAN would want to WILLINGLY be associated with SUCH AN IMAGE Anyway ?!!?

  • wait a minute James Harrison of the steelers is also called silverback and i got into it WITH SOME RACIST STEELERS FANS ABOUT IT – THEY HAVE NO CLUE BUNCH OF [email protected]#$%^&*()

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