Must See Video: 49ers & Raiders Fans Fighting In the Stands

By now everyone knows about the shooting and beating that happened at Candlestick Park (Two Men Shot Outside of Candlestick Park After Raiders vs. 49ers Game).

As soon as it happened I started to get messages from sources in the area that several fights had broken out during the game in the stands.

I was also told this was not unusual for a 49ers vs. Raiders game.  After watching the video I was just amazed.

I am from Saint Louis, Missouri, our fans are polite.  Even when I went to The Ohio State University we could get a little rowdy, but nothing like this and we were kids.

These are ADULTS, acting like fools and putting their life in jeopardy over a preaseason football game.  I simply don’t understand it and I blame the San Francisco 49ers for not have the proper security to handle this.  If you allow hoodlum like activities to take place, you can’t be surprised when someone is shot or beaten unconscious.

People are acting like animals and it is disgusting.

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