Pics: Adrian Peterson’s Playboy Model Fiance’ Ashley Brown


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Congrats to AP and Brown, we have been told they have a little one on the way.

Also of note is that Brown was one of the the Girls of the Big 12 in Playboy back in the day.  Since this is a family site, if you want to see Miss Brown in all her collegiate glory click the links below.

Ashley Brown Playboy Photo

Ashley Brown Playboy Photo #2

The question begs how does this all effect Adrian Peterson’s fantasy ranking?  It doesn’t he is still the consensus #1 pick in fantasy.  Getting Donovan McNabb helps, so have no worries.  You can book Peterson for 1500 yards and 15Tds even if it is on Diaper Duty.

8 thoughts on “Pics: Adrian Peterson’s Playboy Model Fiance’ Ashley Brown

  • I MEAN what is the actual attraction to these Playboy TRICKS where Professional Black Ballers want to IMPREGNATE Them (I Don’t Get It…)

    They should be the LAST Females you want to have RAW Sex with… Ohh Well AP is still a BEAST on the Field Though !!!

    • Well I guess once these twodel’s put it down on a brother they lose their damn mind…LOL….good punani will make a man do crazy sh*t…….

  • I honestly just wish that she knew that he isn’t faithful. She had the baby I think a couple weeks ago which would mean that she got pregnant in December or January. I went down to meet up with him right around that same time. I just will never understand why he feels its necessary to cheat. Women don’t deserve to be treated like that! Ugh

  • Unfaithful he is! And she knows it and is ok with it as long as she maintaines a lavish lifestyle. She had his 5th child when she got with him he had 1, you figure it out!

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