Pics: Fan Joey Bouchard Has Full John Elway Tattoo on His Leg

I guess this is the new thing like “Planking”.

Guys are getting Lebron tats, WWE Championship Belts and one guy has Jim Rome tatted on his leg. The NFL Chick tracked down this gentlemen who has a very weird obsession with Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway.

So I’m minding my own business in social media land, and I came across this pic via The Denver Post. Broncos Superfan (more like SuperSTAN) Joey Bouchard had this Elway tattoo done on his leg.

The masterpiece took over 85 hours in a 5 year span to complete, but he finally got it done. Bouchard said he’s going to get Elway’s Super Bowl rings added to his body next.

Do any of these guys have wives? Girlfriends? I am going to make an educated guess and say no.

Maybe I need to speak to Brandon Marshall’s doctors to figure out the motivation for any man to want to tattoo another man on his body, I just don’t understand it.

4 thoughts on “Pics: Fan Joey Bouchard Has Full John Elway Tattoo on His Leg

  • Well guess he can cross that off his bucket list…..

  • I know Joey from As soon as I saw the headline I knew it had to be him. Joey made headline news. Go figure. So cool!

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