Pics: Nets Owner Jay Z Spends $250k Bottle Poppin at Liv Nightclub in Miami

This is a good time for me to do an impromptu review of Jay Z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne”.  For those who are saying it is the greatest CD of all time they are either on Jigga’s payroll or extreme groupies of Yeezy.

“Watch the Throne” in a word is different.

Different is always good, because normal is boring.  It would have been easy for Jay and Kanye to just play it safe, but by making something unique it stands out.

A lot of people think the CD is just about them talking about how much money they have, but if you really listen there are tons of subliminal messages which to me as a fan of hip hop music is refreshing.

There are tracks that can be skipped, which is why I wouldn’t call it a classic, but it is definitely solid with a fresh perspective.

Jay made a special appearance at Liv Nightclub in Miami last night.  I’ll celebrity blogger let know how it all went down.

A part of me envied people tweeting about the “Watch The Throne” event at Miami’s LIV Nightclub for the past week, however when I discovered more details that envy left my system.

First, it was made public that it was $500 for men to enter, $300 for women & $2000 for VIP — that doesn’t even include drinks once you make it in.

The hip-hop icon broke the record for bottle purchase of Ace of Spades. After buying several rounds of the popular Armand de Brignac champagne produced by Champagne Cattier and that comes in an opaque metallic bottle, he then bought the 15-liter size ($100,000 price tag) and set the LIV record for bottles bought at $250,000.

Kanye West couldn’t make it because his flight was delayed, so I heard they cut the prices at the last minute.

I haven’t paid to get into a club since 2007 and that was $20. Can’t imagine paying $500 to see anyone, if I am spending $500 Beyonce and Rihanna better be coming back to my room scantily clad, but I digress.

Jay Z is a smart guy, I doubt even though it was reported he spent 250k on Ace of Spades, that any money actually left his pocket, since it is his product.  He is no DeSean Jackson.

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