Spurs Dejuan Blair Remixes Drake’s “Trust Issues” & It’s TERRIBLE

There is a big difference between Deion Sanders Jr’s song and Dejuan Blair’s song.

Primetime Jr is playing around and not taking himself very seriously, but Dejuan Blair I can tell thinks he is really good, but sadly he is god awful.  Tim Tebow couldn’t save this track.

This is painful to listen to, so I am warning you in advance.

This song needs a lot more chopping, a lot more screwing and possible 12 shots of Patron for me to ever listen to this again.

The whole time I was listening I was like…

4 thoughts on “Spurs Dejuan Blair Remixes Drake’s “Trust Issues” & It’s TERRIBLE

    • FEAR LA? …… SWEPT EM. pssshh

  • I’m from Pittsburgh and i know that whole P.O.P. crew the worst rappers ever they think cause Fella in the NBA they will be rap stars, stop it right now with that crap please I would rather hear Ice Ice Baby – don’t quit your days jobs if you have one and most of them don’t but i won’t say what they do lol

  • HATERS quit that shit.. Good effort dejuan shit was pretty decent to me.. SPURSNATION all day

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