Video: Aaron Rodgers’ Allen Iverson Imitation “We Talkin Bout Practice”


Aaron Rodgers was asked on Tuesday about the lackluster practice the defending champs had on Monday night. His response was pretty familiar to sports fans.

Of course he was referencing Allen Iverson’s famous press conference where they were “talkin’ ’bout practice” Hard to believe that was almost 10 years ago.

As for a grade on Rodgers performance? It actually looked like Ray Romano doing a bad Iverson impersonation, so no “belt” for you.


  1. The Iverson practice has been played so many times, it’s not even funny anymore,but you wouldn’t know by hearing how those sycophants from the media were laughing…

  2. The Iverson clip is a Classic!

    If Rogers was gonna do it, he should’ve committed and dragged it out more. Either you’re gonna do it, or keep it movin’

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