Video: Lions Ndamukong Suh Punches Patriots Logan Mankins..Fine Coming?


A lot of people drink the Ndamukong Suh kool-aid, not me. He can be the nicest person in the world off the field, but on it he is a dirty player.

Dominant player yes, but also dirty.

One problem with the media, especially the mainstream media, is if they take a liking to a player it is harder for them to be critical of them.

Everyone likes Suh, so they keep making excuses for him.

I do think the NFL is going soft, I think quarterbacks are overprotected, but in regards to Suh his violations are blatant and obvious.

Maybe people will acknowledge those violations when he seriously hurts someone. You can be aggressive without being dirty, someone should tell Suh the difference.

The punch to Logan Mankins isn’t that big of a deal, but it does show a pattern. How many more excuses will you make for him?


  1. Your video of the event was the first i have seen of the so called punch. Cant believe it is even an issue. He was clearly defending his fellow player who was half way to the ground due to the handful of face mask Mankins had. Now that can cause a serious neck injury, the simple slap that Suh gave Mankins was well deserved and Suh would have been justified for an even sterner reaction. The NFL got it right, Mankins got the penalty Suh and the Lions got the route and a very impressive victory!

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