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Video: Seahawks Justin Forsett Releases Rap Song “L.O.V.E.” For His Wife Angela

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
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I really hope Seahawks RB Justin Forsett isn’t cheating on his wife or gets divorce anytime soon because he is going to get clown for this “romantic” gesture for his wife on their 1st year anniversary.

He has put himself on the Doug Christie team of leashed husbands, hope he can live up to the words in the song.  Women will eat this up, but call me a cynic, I am not convince.

But on the flip side I hope his wife appreciate his thinking outside the box.

The fact that the song is hot garbage is irrelevant.

It was “sweet”, but chances are better his wife ends up on Basketball Wives (doesn’t even matter he is NFL player) than them being married for 40 years, but I wish them well.

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  1. #CAL RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO Post: Video: Seahawks Justin Forsett Releases Rap Song "L.O.V.E." For His Wife Angela http://bit.ly/reZ6A3

  2. LB says:

    Nice…good luck to him & the wife

  3. A.C says:

    (Maybe) He cheated on his wife and is using this to make up with her.

    If not…

    This sucker ass shit leads his wife to fuck Tavaris Jackson, Tony Parker, and/or the guy that claimed he fucked Kim Kardashian.

  4. A Hutch says:

    What are his boys doing in the video with him?? at about the 2:28 part what was he doing hoppin? I mean this is on some D.Christie levels for real. Good luck to him and the wife though. I hope she don’t come out with a Rap song next.

  5. Pinkahontas says:

    GOD is truly an awesome GOD, and for a man, not a boy to come out and thank GOD for what is truly a ‘good thing’, that shows his evel of maturity and respect. What a lovely gesture. May GOD bless you all holy union.

  6. Len says:

    What’s with the negative take on his actions? Here is something positive that shows responsibility and commitment, uplifting to women and the writer and comment section is full of negative, What’s wrong with you guys….guess you want to see more negative portrayals of the bad boy behavior. It’s playing totally different on the “other” sports sites! What’s wrong with you people?

  7. Dexter says:

    I’m happy to see that God has placed someone in your life that you love and I pray that the two of you hold out through the thick and the thin. Reading some of the post on other web sites really make me say there are some stupid people in this world. Keep the smile in your life and Good Luck and much blessing upon you both!

    Dexter from Florida!

  8. DII says:

    You are not convinced. I believe you are missing a D at the end of the last word of this write up MR HATER

  9. haha says:

    why is the brady on this nigga network, black sports online and tom brady on it hahaha..

    look marquis daniels stepdad tased looks like the alive version of ODB or ol deadbastard

  10. Robyn says:

    It’s a trip how no matter what a man does good or bad he has to have someone dissect his every move. He couldn’t possible just love his wife and want to do something different. He couldn’t possible just be a decent human being because he’s a professional athlete. Bad enough white folks are doing this crap to us….here we go. Grow up Black people….you don’t know what you want…good or bad. Become a Republican….that’s what I did.

    • dansgrl says:

      My goodness – I am so in agreement with most of what you’ve written here – wouldn’t go as far to say I’m going Republican… My hat is truly off to this young man for having the courage to put both his love for his wife and his love for God out there. It is really tiring and disheartening to see black men slamming other black men when they deviate from the disrespect and crass behavior that has become the norm. My guess is Justin Forsett could care less about what you men are saying – he didn’t make a committment to any of you.

  11. Rho says:

    Love #8 & #9…

  12. Nik says:

    Why? Why so negative? A young black man that is truely putting himself out there to show love and respect for his beautiful black wife and people down it! Very sad…black people always put our own race down. Very sad.

  13. TheHorror11 says:

    Kudos to him! It took a lot of courage (something we know the haters don’t have) to put this out there. This is the reason why men are so clueless about women..you see a gentleman doing the right thing and you feel the need to bash him. I am sure had this been a video with ho.es. bouncing their a.s.s.e.s all around you’d be talking about how much you’d want to smash. Grow the f.u.ck. up. He is a REAL man, and the reason why the lot of you will always be in dysfunctional relationships…if you can even manage that. Lames.

  14. Soulsista says:

    I just wanted to add, That I wanted to thank Justin for doing such a wonderful, loving video and sharing it with the world. He is TOTALLY right on.Too often we see Black men in the media denouncing Black women, and up lifting White women instead.Lets not forget that there were a couple Black NFL players that have publically expressed their disdain for women who look just like them. The song made my heart sing, and the song wasnt even meant for me. But it felt wonderful to see a Black man publically proclaim his love for his woman. He is the epitome of a real Black men, and I thank him for his courage and loads of talent in making such a wonderful video for all of us to share. May God be with you and your wife through many loving years together.

  15. Kay Wms says:

    This was very sweet, but you Mr. Littal really turned into something negative. This is a black man declaring his love for his wife, a beautiful black woman. What’s wrong with being married to someone that you really love and that loves you in return. It seems as though you have no faith in love or someone loving you.

    Please, dont knock what they have. If you cant write something positive, then just post the video with title.

  16. Perhaps it is time you closed the comments?

  17. RSS Feeds on your blog sometimes does not work.

  18. scrapetest says:

    I know more about this than the writer does!!

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