Video: Seahawks Justin Forsett Releases Rap Song “L.O.V.E.” For His Wife Angela


I really hope Seahawks RB Justin Forsett isn’t cheating on his wife or gets divorce anytime soon because he is going to get clown for this “romantic” gesture for his wife on their 1st year anniversary.

He has put himself on the Doug Christie team of leashed husbands, hope he can live up to the words in the song.  Women will eat this up, but call me a cynic, I am not convince.

But on the flip side I hope his wife appreciate his thinking outside the box.

The fact that the song is hot garbage is irrelevant.

It was “sweet”, but chances are better his wife ends up on Basketball Wives (doesn’t even matter he is NFL player) than them being married for 40 years, but I wish them well.


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