Cam Newton Named Carolina Panthers Starting Quarterback

No need to rehash how I think this is a huge mistake starting Cam Newton, instead lets talk about what has to happen for him to succeed.  More than anything, Cameron’s attitude will determine if he is a success or not.

Right now he isn’t a very good quarterback.  He looks clueless like most rookies.  He doesn’t seem comfortable with the offense and his accuracy is lacking.

He is going to struggle, but he needs to fight through it and not give up.  Panthers fans need to be patient and understand this will take awhile.

Even if Cam has some early success, I hope it would not go to his head ala Vince Young who because of his success, stopped working hard at his craft and ego got out of control.  It is very important that the Panthers, while playing to Cameron’s strength, do not coddle him.  They need to force him to learn the entire offense and run every single play.  He needs to be forced to learn to go through his progressions before taking off running.  If you are going to win in the NFL, you have to make plays from the pocket.

I wish Cameron well, I believe he has the talent to be a superstar on the league, we will just have to see if he has the heart and mind to match.

One thought on “Cam Newton Named Carolina Panthers Starting Quarterback

  • Really? Would you rather start Jimmy Clausen? I think startitng Cam is a great idea.

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