Floyd Mayweather Delivers Ether to Victor Ortiz & Oscar De La Hoya

Victor Ortiz immediately after the fight against Floyd Mayweather seemed to understand it was his fault he was knocked out, not anyone else.  He took the lion’s share of the blame and I commended him for that.

The reality is because of his inexperience and him being overwhelmed by the moment he got KOed by legal punches from Floyd Mayweather.

But because this is boxing, nothing ever goes smoothly. After a couple of days Ortiz and Golden Boy had time to figure out how to extend Ortiz’s 15 minutes of fame, so Ortiz’s has changed his tune. Now he is whining and crying in hopes of getting a rematch and he is being egged on by Oscar De La Hoya. Mayweather has been pretty quiet about the situation until he let out this verbal bomb.

“I’ll give Ortiz a rematch but first he got to get past Andre Berto. The only man who can beat me is the man in the mirror. Victoria Ortiz’s new nickname is ‘take two of these and call me in the morning.’ Victoria Ortiz thought it was a head-butting contest. But that two-piece gave him some [incentive to] act right,” Mayweather fired off.

“Does Victoria Ortiz want another rematch because he thinks he can win or does he want another payday? Ortiz’s idol is Oscar De La Hoya aka Golden Girl….fishnet….black pantyhose

The reason De La Hoya and Ortiz are pushing so hard for a rematch is simple. Fight Mayweather you make $3-5 million dollars, fight Andre Berto you make $300-500k.

It is as simple as dollars and cents.

Mayweather is in total control of the situation, he is one of the two biggest draws in boxing and he dictates who he will fight.

Ortiz is just out of luck.

8 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Delivers Ether to Victor Ortiz & Oscar De La Hoya

  • Floyd is afraid of the mighty paquia! All he fights are nothing but chumps…. oh before I forget, during the short interview with Mike did anybody noticed when Floyd was giving praise to God and then just flipped out on Mike lol! The dude has class… not!

  • Jaypee and The Man hit the mark! I wanted Ortiz to beat Mayweather, I felt he had a decent chance at winning, but he started the drastic downfall when he head-butted Mayweather. He was finally connecting a little, and he was getting caught up in his attack, and he couldn’t control resisting that head-butt. YES, Ortiz apologized, YES, that was honorable, and YES referee Cortez DID tell the fighters to resume..But Ortiz in his youth and inexperience, AND IN his gentlemanly apology HE paid severely for it. Call it unfair, call it sucker-punch, call Mayweather and anus!! (cuz the boy can’t help it) But It was a legal one-two! I’m still an Ortiz fan, but he needs to stop crying “UNFAIR”. He needs to move on. He needs to learn from his mistake and focus on his next bout.

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