Hockey Player Paul Bissonnette Explains How to Have Sex With Groupies on Twitter


People seemed a bit shocked by Paul Bissonnette breaking down how he hooks up with ladies on twitter on the latest Hot Clicks Podcast.

I am not sure why, I have told you several times that twitter is nothing but a Brothel.  It is a like EBAY for athletes, groupies, entertainers and gold diggers, they can shop online to fulfill their desires.

Bissonnette breaks it down very simply and it is spot on.

Bissonnette informed Traina that you can also pick up girls using the social media service. He outlined his strategy, which we’ll call the P.A.U.L system.

Ping: Bissonnette will receive a message from a new follower.

Assess: Bissonnette will click on their Twitter avatar. Are they female? Are they hot? Bissonnette will assess the situation.

Utilize: If the new follower in question is indeed a female who is hot, Bissonnette will utilize his clout. He will message them back, and voila, a friendship is born.

Love: Bissonnette will have sex with his new friend.

Easy as 1,2,3 and it is happening every single day on Twitter.  I give Bissonnette credit for being so honest.  You can listen to Bissonnette’s breaking it down below.


  1. I cannot believe females are that gullible. Giving up their goodies to say they were with an athlete that they do not share a name or back account with. Please. **crikets** SMH

  2. it’s not that the females are gullible;females want notches in their belts too. Females are welcome to rack up sexcapades just like fellas then get together and brag about it.

    I don’t knock them I salute! Just be careful not to get pregnant or catch STDs.

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