Mike Ditka Says He Would Spit on Jeff Pearlman Over Walter Payton Book

I understand why people in Chicago are salty.

Walter Payton is held to an extremely high standard and no one likes to see their heroes exposed especially when they can’t their defend themselves because they passed away young.

With that being said, I think people should hold their fury until they actually read the book.  I think Mike Ditka crossed the line with these comments.

Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka left no doubt about how he’d treat the writer of a new tell-all book about the secret life of Walter Payton.

“I’d spit on him,” the coach said in an exlcusive interview with NBCChicago. “I have no respect for him.”

The book, The Hero No One Knew, posits the ida that Payton took drugs, had extramarital affairs and often contemplated suicide.

“Pathetic. Dispicible. It serves no purpose,” Ditka said.

If you say you going to spit on someone that is serious.  I have read Jeff Pearlman books in the past, he is a good journalist in my opinion and he takes on highly controversial topics at times, but I don’t see him as a smear artist.
The way they are marketing the book isn’t portraying Pearlman in the best light, but in the end it is a business and for lack of a better phrase “controversy sells”.
Once everyone has a chance to read the book then they can decide if any spitting should be in order.  Until then drink a capri sun, watch Jay Cutler get sacked again and relax.

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