Pics: Laura Govan Shows Off Engagement Ring, Gilbert Arenas Pimp Outfit at Airport


I think we have our new Bootleg Bobby and Whitney with Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan.

The interesting thing is Agent Zero and the Almost Basketball Wife have been engaged for like 10 years.  It is true love that you get back with a woman who killed your sharks allegedly and a man who allegedly left you and your kids homeless with no food.

Stiletto Jill has the details.

Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan described her relationship with Magic guard, Gilbert Arenas as “That ghetto kind of love” in a recent interview. I guess that explains why he picked her up from the airport yesterday dressed like a pimp and brought her a box of candy as a gift.

They definitely deserve each other because they are both odd balls.

Wonder if Laura can work the Stripper Pole like Draya.



    • nah…. She’s going to take him to the financial hoop (EVENTUALLY)….

      Seriously, what does she bring to the TABLE ???

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