Video: Serena Williams Calls the Chair Umpire at US Open a “Hater”

For the 100th time let’s breakdown the difference between a hater and a critic.

HATER= Makes opinions based on personal bias, jealous and envy.

CRTIC=  Makes a logical opinion strongly backed up by facts.

It is true that normally most athlete has haters, but it would be wrong to brand every critic a hater, you have to be able to separate the two.

I think Serena Williams was more upset with herself for getting whupped in the US Open by Samantha Stosur than anything the Chair Umpire did.

So here rant, was unwarranted, but on the bright side she didn’t threatened to beat her up.

22 thoughts on “Video: Serena Williams Calls the Chair Umpire at US Open a “Hater”

  • Angry black woman, Serena shut the fuck up and play. Besides money no one gives a rat shit about up, we all wish and pray we can look just like you. Give your mama’ dry ass wig back to her. And hell naw Drake doesn’t like like darkies

  • serena u can say what u want to baby u r the sexiest woman alive….tell the chair lady to get a body like yours then she’ll understand y u call her a hater…every woman hates on a great body…LOVE U SERENA!!!!!

  • serena u r the envy of a lot of woman……look at ur body….but i chalk it up as hard work and commitment…..keep up the good work baby….im a LOVER not a HATER…..

  • Just what I was looking for, thankyou for putting up. “Pardon one offense, and you encourage the commission of many.” by Publilius Syrus.

  • how come only moronic comments ever get approved? I had some valid points yet nothing… screw this blog!

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