Mayweather vs. Ortiz Officially Takes in 1.25 Million PPV Buys

They don’t call him Money Mayweather for nothing.

People falsely assumed that since it was taking so long for the PPV numbers to come out that they must have been bad. I always knew that was wrong, by comparison the Pacquiao vs. Mosley still haven’t come out. So if anyone is hiding their numbers it would be Pacquiao.

Here are the details.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fourth-round knockout of Victor Ortiz to reclaim a welterweight title on Sept. 17 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas generated 1.25 million buys and $78.44 million in domestic pay-per-view revenue, Golden Boy Promotions announced Friday.

The revenue generated made Mayweather-Ortiz the second-highest grossing non-heavyweight fight in history. Although the buys equaled those of Manny Pacquiao’s 2008 fight with Oscar De La Hoya and virtually matched those of Pacquiao-Shane Mosley in May (official numbers were not released for that fight), Mayweather-Ortiz beat both in revenue generated because it sold for a higher price, $59.95 in standard definition and $69.95 in most markets for high definition.

Mayweather has now appeared in the three biggest non-heavyweight pay-per-view events in boxing history in terms of revenue generated. The fight with De La Hoya grossed an all-time record $136,853,700 and the Mosley fight generated $78.33 million.

Straight Cash Homie.

2 thoughts on “Mayweather vs. Ortiz Officially Takes in 1.25 Million PPV Buys

  • Floyd Mayweather put your money down and step in the ring with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Stop all this drug crap about Manny, be a man step in the ring with Manny so you both can make a lot of money.

    • Floyd IS a “man” and he fights for what he believes in. Look i don’t know about you but if it’s me and i’m fighting for my legacy, i would insist that pacquiao take the tests he can’t beat. I think their is enough evidence to warrant it. now if you get into a position to fight for a championship i hope you get a roided up cheating beast to fight and see how you like it

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