Official Police Report Showing Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment

I am straight shooter who doesn’t take sides or play favorites.

If I am wrong about something I will admit it.

At the end of the latest episode of Basketball Wives: LA, Laura Govan and others are digging for dirt on Draya.  Specially they are searching for evidence that she was arrested on Child Endangerment charges. If you currently Google “Draya Michele Police Report” BlackSportsOnline comes up pretty high.

If you recall Draya had been leaving her 7 year old son home alone in a filthy house with only TV dinners to eat all night while she was out stripping.

Draya has already lied once on the show about the arrest and I pointed that out (Video: BBWives Draya Michele Says Son Never Taken From Her..Police Say Otherwise). You can read how her son was left in a house that had dog poop and urine all over the floor, but lets get back to the topic at hand.

But as I looked at the comments on that article I notice a lot of people were questioning my credibility as if I would falsely accuse someone of a crime that they didn’t commit.

Hopefully this will end all that speculation right here and now.

Also you can download the PDF of the case here.

Now you can feel free to call your courthouse yourself, but how much more evidence do you need? As long as Draya has learned from this, I don’t care about her past.

The point is don’t lie.

As someone told me recently you have to tell a million lies to just cover up the first one.  It is much better to be upfront and honest especially when you have a bunch of 40 year old bitter husky jealous almost basketball wives after you.

Draya should heed that advice.

Nice naked picture though, that was leaked today.



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  • yall hoes commenting on this shit and sticking up for this nonsense is a whole bunch of never gon be nothing ass bitches. yall ognorant and triflin as fuck

  • I agree with Jerry, he is 100% correct, I too am from Reading and it is what it is!!! This was in the newspaper and all, look it up under Reading Eagle. And I’m not hating just being honest.

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