Read The Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Divorce Docs & Real Reason for Breakup



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You can read the divorce papers by downloading the PDF HERE.

They are saying the reason they are breaking up is because of a disagreement over living arrangements.  That had nothing to do with it, the reason they broke up is simple, Kris Humphries didn’t stick to the script.

He was supposed to act a certain way being the husband of Kim Kardashian and he just wasn’t doing that.  He was doing what most young NBA players are doing during the lockout.

He was partying and cheating with TWODELS.

Kim and the Kardashian clan need a man they can control and they thought Humphries was a Mimbo and he played them.  I have been telling people from the beginning The Hump was smarter than we gave him credit for.


  1. the marriage was fake and I believe this was included in their arrangement. If money is all they care about, at least they got paid!

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