Video: Gus Johnson’s Back..Classic Call of Dwayne Bowe TD




Gus Johnson’s back, Gus Johnson’s back, tell all the wack NFL play by Play announcers that Gus Johnson’s back.

I know he is heading up the Fox Sports college football announce team, but he needs to be the #1 NFL announcer on Fox, I don’t care what anyone says.

He is the only one that can make a Chiefs vs. Vikings watchable. Just listen to this call.


  1. dude….do you like gus johnson because he sounds like your typical white announcer and he just so happens to be black?! johnson is such a tool…we need some real brothas out there calling some action with a little swag instead of this tranny out there screaming after every play

  2. I merely saw this commercial the first time yesterday, and I must admit that we had the identical reaction as andilit. I appreciate L’s explanation, however, too, feel “the injury remains done.” I didn’t have the joke, felt alienated, then frustrated. No matter the main reason, I doubt that we will like the commercial any longer the next time I notice.

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