Deion Sanders on LeGarrette Blount Run: “You Need Snoop at Safety to Hit That”


Prime with the sneakiest and most clever line of the weekend.

The key to the line is the execution.  Prime just slid in when no one was paying attention.  Luckily the Sports Grid caught wind of it and now it will spread across the internet like second hand smoke.

For those of you who don’t know what a “Blunt” is, it is weed wrapped up in Blunt Cigar paper (as oppose to a joint).  Prime used a bit of creative license with LeGarrette Blount’s last name.

No word if Michael Beasley would have been able to “hit” LeGarrett as well.

If you missed Blount’s TD run.


  1. That’s funny as hell because ever since he “stole on” buddy from Boise, it wasn’t a sucker punch seeing as buddy was bumping the gums before getting dropped, I’ve been calling him “LeGarrette “Needa” Blount!

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