Should Selling Athlete Naked Pics Be Considered Extortion? Case in Point Michael Vick


If you haven’t hear there is a woman who claims she was Michael Vick’s prison girlfriend.

I know that is an oxymoron, but work with me here.

While Mike was playing the Longest Yard, she says she was there for him and visited him often in jail.  Most people know that Vick has a long time fiancee Kijafa Frank.

This woman who feels like she has been scorned because after Vick left the Pen he went back to his real life is now trying to sell some naked pics and letter from Vick.

An offer was made to BSO and here was my reaction.

The bigger point is could this be considered extortion? To my understanding the lady has threatened Vick with the leak for awhile or at least that is what she claims.

You never know if these women are lying through their teeth or not, so I take everything with a grain of salt.

If the threat is to publicly humiliate someone while getting a financial reward isn’t that the definition of extortion? Wouldn’t Vick have some legal recourse?

If you are a lawyer please comment and let me know. I am just curious and it maybe something that can help athletes in the future.

Of course it would also help if they stopped sending naked pics to random women, but I digress.


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