Titans Head Coach and Former Penn State Lineman Mike Munchak Steering Clear of Penn State Scandal


When news of the Penn State scandal/cover-up broke, many Penn State alums such as Matt Millen and LaVar Arrington went public with their sentiments. On the other hand, there are guys like Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak who decided to stay neutral and wait for more information to be released.

I think this is a smart move. Mike Munchak is a Hall of Fame Lineman in the NFL and he owes a lot of his success to his days back at Penn State under Joe Paterno. However, as the grotesque details of the Jerry Saundusky case are coming to light, Munchak has decided to take more of an indifferent stance.

“I guess the information started coming out this weekend. I don’t know much about it,” Munchak said. “So I don’t feel comfortable talking about something I don’t know much about. I’d like to wait until I hear more about what is going on.”

You would think that Munchak would be quick to defend the legendary Penn State coach, but rather he decided to let more details come out.

When it’s all said and done, I think most of the hate, disgust, and anger people are feeling should be directed towards the perpetrator, Jerry Sandusky. However, Paterno should also share some of the blame due to his negligence.

There are not many positives that can arise from this situation. Hopefully, we all realize who the real losers are here: the victims.


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