Audio: Torry Holt Explains How He Set a Dislocated Finger Mid-Route

Torry Holt is famous for being one of the main components of the St. Louis Rams’ greatest show on turf. He is also a pretty good analyst on NFL Network. The other thing he is known for is his horribly disfigured middle finger seen above.

While the rest of his fingers point to 12 O’clock, his middle finger is chillin’ at 2. It looks like that thing is getting a headstart at waving. If you ever ask him for directions, you have to hope he point with his other hand or you might get a little confused.

Holt was a guest on the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz on 790 The Ticket in Miami where the conversation turned, much like his middle finger, to the subject of his middle finger. LeBatard asked him about a claim that Brett Favre had dislocated 7 of Donald Driver’s fingers in their time playing together and whether that could be accurate.

Holt explained that it was not only likely, but fairly common for wide receivers to dislocate their fingers. While you assume that it would be mainly from catching cannon blasts from the quarterback, it could also come from falling to the ground, being jammed at the line of scrimmage or stiff arming a guy to get away from him. He mentioned that in his playing career he has dislocated all ten fingers multiple times. It happened so frequently that he would often be able to reset the finger by himself on the sidelines between plays.

He then told went on to tell a story that you can listen to below, it really is remarkable the threshold these guys have and proves that they truly are a different breed of human being.

During a game against the Seattle Seahawks in 2009, Holt was jammed at the line Marcus Trufant when he felt one of the fingers on his left hand dislocate. Unphased, he continued the route while resetting his finger, caught the ball and ran up the sideline for a positive gain. He then went to the sideline to get it taped up after the play.

I wonder what percent of you would be able to dislocate a finger without seeking immediate medical attention. Heck, the pain of stubbing your toe would knock most of us out for a few plays in a friendly flag football game.

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