Dan Gilbert’s Email to David Stern About Chris Paul Trade..YOU MUST READ


I am at a lost for words really.

Yes, the NBA owns the New Orleans Hornets, but as you will see from this letter the reason Chris Paul wasn’t traded had nothing to do with “Basketball Reasons” and everything to do with “Hurt Feelings”.

Don’t believe me read this email from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.


It would be a travesty to allow the Lakers to acquire Chris Paul in the apparent trade being discussed.

This trade should go to a vote of the 29 owners of the Hornets.

Over the next three seasons this deal would save the Lakers approximately $20 million in salaries and approximately $21 million in luxury taxes. That $21 million goes to non-taxpaying teams and to fund revenue sharing.

I cannot remember ever seeing a trade where a team got by far the best player in the trade and saved over $40 million in the process. And it doesn’t appear that they would give up any draft picks, which might allow to later make a trade for Dwight Howard. (They would also get a large trade exception that would help them improve their team and/or eventually trade for Howard.) When the Lakers got Pau Gasol (at the time considered an extremely lopsided trade) they took on tens of millions in additional salary and luxury tax and they gave up a number of prospects (one in Marc Gasol who may become a max-salary player).

I just don’t see how we can allow this trade to happen.

I know the vast majority of owners feel the same way that I do.

When will we just change the name of 25 of the 30 teams to the Washington Generals?
Please advise….

Dan G.

I can not confirm or deny if it was written in Comic Sans Font, but is Gilbert really talking about Chris Paul or is he still hurt about Lebron?

I think you know the answer.

Chris Paul and the players union should take every available legal recourse to make this trade go through.


  1. @John

    Contrary to popular, poorly remembered history, JJ Hickson for Amare Stoudemire was nixed by THE SUNS because Steve Kerr didn’t think it was a fair value in return. Which of course, it wasn’t. Because clearly, JJ Hickson for Amare Stoudemire is not a good deal. The Cavs were ready to jump at that deal if that makes the Dan Gilbert hate-a-thon feel better for you, though.

    But even if the the NBA lived in alternate universe where the Cavs had made that trade. A young big man who can potentially score 15-18 points and give you 8-10 rebounds like JJ averaged during the second half of last season is a hell of lot more valuable than a bunch of expensive, aging quasi-stars that do nothing to help you win a title or rebuild.

    • I guess you must be ignoring the fact that Dan Gilbert is an angry man and all this leads back to LeBron but the fact that he didnt upgrade talent is the reason LeBron left. Dan Gilbert picked up those same aging, expensive guys you are talking about like Ben Wallace & Antawn Jamison. Notice how you didnt talk about any of those other trades? *Crickets* Regardless the owners just want more power but it is what it is. I wont just pile up on Dan Gilbert, Ill start on Mark Cuban now then if it would make you feel better I can spread the “hate-a-thon” around. But how would you feel if you were in Chris Paul shoes? Answer me that Beej?

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