Falcons Players Salty That Drew Brees Broke Marino’s Record in Final Minutes


They should be salty.

Not at Brees or Sean Payton, but at themselves for allowing Brees to slice up their secondary. If I was on the Falcons I would want to come back and play the Saints in the Playoffs and take my soul back.

With Drew Brees a mere 30 yards away from breaking the single-season passing yards record, Saints coach Sean Payton was presented with an interesting dilemma. Brees was playing on “Monday Night Football” in front of his home fans and a national TV audience, a perfect stage to take down Dan Marino’s 27-year old record but the Saints also had their game against the Falcons well in hand, up 38-16 with less than three minutes to play. Payton decided to let Brees air it out, and the rest is history. Brees set the record on a 9-yard touchdown strike to running back Darren Sproles that ballooned New Orleans’ lead up to 29 points. The Saints’ decision to throw irked some in the Falcons’ locker room. “No need for that,” one player said, according to CBSSports.com. “It came on our watch, but it didn’t have to come that way. We won’t forget it.”

It is one thing to talk about being annoyed, but if they didn’t want Brees to break the record they should have played better.

We will see if they get their chance to get their cornbread back.


  1. The Falcons don’t remember their 62-7 win over the Saints in 1973. You didn’t hear the Saints crying that the Falcons ran up the score. The Falcons need to remember it’s not the playground. It’s the NFL. Grow up!

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