Father of Colt McCoy Says Son Shouldn’t Have Re-entered Game

On Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers viewers weren’t the only one to see canaries flying around Colt McCoys head. After the game Brad McCoy father of Colt, told the Plain Dealer that his shouldn’t have been put back in the game and let his feelings be known.

Brad McCoy said.

“He never should’ve gone back in the game. He was basically out [cold] after the hit. You could tell by the rigidity of his body as he was laying there. There were a lot of easy symptoms that should’ve told them he had a concussion. He was nauseated and he didn’t know who he was. Colt takes a severe hit like that, and he’s back in the game [two plays] play later? If he took another blow to the head, we could’ve been talking about his career here. I certainly didn’t think he’d be out only [two plays], it would’ve taken my high school trainer longer than that to determine if he was OK after a hit like that.”

You can tell Brad McCoy is upset and suspect of the Browns handling of Colts’ concussion. This wouldn’t be the first time the Browns training staff has been question, in a span of 4 years (2004-2008) they had 6 players come down with a staph infection.

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